Four-Handed Dinner Club: Root to Stem Dinners introduces the concept of "Four-Handed Dinners," where two chefs collaborate to create a multi-course dining experience. This collaborative approach brings together culinary talent from diverse backgrounds, resulting in unique and unforgettable dining experiences.

About Root to Stem

Veggie and Vegan-Friendly:

Our menu showcases a diverse array of vegetarian and vegan dishes crafted from locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

We aim to cater to individuals with various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring inclusivity and diversity on the dining table.

Intimate Dinners and Workshops:

Root to Stem Dinners offers intimate dining experiences in small group settings, fostering connections among guests and creating memorable culinary adventures.

Alongside dinners, we host workshops focused on sustainability, cooking techniques, and culinary exploration, led by expert chefs and food artisans.

Focus on Sustainability and Locality:

We prioritize sustainability by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and producers, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.

Our commitment to locality extends beyond the ingredients to include partnerships with local artisans and craftsmen for tableware, decor, and more.

Culinary Adventure and Exploration:

Each dinner at Root to Stem Dinners is an opportunity to embark on a culinary journey, exploring innovative flavor combinations, seasonal ingredients, and global culinary traditions.

Our menus are curated to inspire curiosity and delight the senses, offering guests a taste of culinary excellence.